Examination Management System

The Examination Management System (EMS) is specially designed to make the examination process as easy as possible. It has been used for over ten years to test the knowledge of personnel at all the major airports in The Netherlands.

With the EMS, examinations can be taken on paper, on tablets (such as an iPad) or on computers. In order to ensure that every individual examination is unique, questions on a specific topic will be randomly selected from a larger pool. In this way the possibility of cheating is eliminated.

The use of tablets permits larger groups of employees to take examinations simultaneously in a classroom-like environment, but also makes it possible for examinations to be taken during work breaks. Alternatively, employees can take their examinations at home, on their own tablet or computer.

The system keeps track of employees who have taken an examination and shows their results in management reports. Furthermore, the system highlights when future examinations are due for individual employees (for instance, in the case of refresher courses that are required every two or more years).

E-learning and Self-instruction

Methods of learning have changed considerably over the last few years. In many cases, books and hand-outs have been replaced by PDF and Word files. Because learning materials are updated frequently, it may be difficult to keep all documents up to date.

The provision of study materials in a digital online format addresses this problem. All the information is permanently available in a central location that is accessible by both desktop and tablet users. This also offers the possibility of adding interactive elements such as audio and video fragments or short tests.

Not only can the addition of video clips and short tests make learning more interactive and fun, but the system also allows monitoring of students’ study behaviour. This information can be used to improve the learning material.

This possibility of monitoring study material is used, for example, in our self-instruction application for airports. This helps the airport to comply with European regulations, which recommend a minimum amount of study time for employees.